​The ripening of an avocado is considered to be both a scientific process and something of an art. The latest technology and state-of-the-art ripening rooms at Halls ensure that our fruit is ripe and ready to eat by the time it reaches the supermarket shelves. The consumer is thus always assured of top quality fruit that is immediately ready for enjoyment.

Halls' innovative technology allowed us to be the first to market with ripe and ready avocado in the United Kingdom in 1994. Our fruit ripeness testing and sorting systems were developed jointly with Imperial College, London and are applied commercially worldwide. More recently, the Halls RIPE Range of avocado and mango was developed in response to the rise in consumer demand for quality fruit that is ready to eat at the time of purchase.

For a Halls ripening facility to deliver consistently to customer quality expectation there is an absolute ​focus on the adoption of the latest technology and specialised machinery, progressive ripening techniques, highly skilled staff, technical support, accurate stock management systems and skillful procurement from our progressive grower partners.

The way any particular consignment of fruit is to be handled in a ripening facility is largely determined by the inherent physiological make up of the fruit and how it has been handled in the post-harvest management chain. Throughout all stages of the ripening process internal fruit quality, fruit ripeness and fruit temperature are closely monitored to ensure consistent quality and that the customer requirements are strictly met.