Mango is an important product line for
Halls and we have a dedicated team of technical and commercial specialists focusing on this popular fruit.

Air Freight Mango

Halls has strong relationships with a select number of mango grower partners in the tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world who subscribe to farming best practice. We are therefore able to consistently supply our customers with quality fruit 365 days of the year.

The majority of mango is shipped by sea, but Halls also deals specifically in air freight mango. This premium product is ripened on the tree and leaves its orchard carefully packed to arrive in Europe 10 to 72 hours later, bursting with flavour and ready to eat.

With its large flat seed lying in the centre of the fruit, the mango is the most widely consumed fruit in the world. It is packed full of nutritional benefits with over 20 vitamins and minerals. It is a sweet treat with no cholesterol and very low calorific value.


The mango will ripen at room temperature becoming sweeter and softer as the process evolves. However, with larger commercial volumes there needs to be an element of scientific control over nature and we carefully manage all stages of the ripening process. The demand for ready-to-eat mango is growing and the Halls technical team takes great care to ensure that customers receive fruit at the required stage of ripeness in a variety of retail ready formats.

The Halls RIPE Range offers our retail and wholesale customers quality mango for immediate enjoyment. We have a skilled technical team and in-house facilities in our global operations to be able to provide this range of fruit. At Halls, we respect the importance of perfectly ripe fruit for a consistently good eating experience.

Halls RIPE Mango Carton
Halls RIPE Mango Carton


Seasonal Calendar Mango


Current packaging formats include:
  • 4kg cartons
  • 6kg cartons (air freight)
  • Flow-wrapped punnets of either 2 or 3 mangoes per punnet
  • Heat-sealed punnets of 1 or 2 mangoes per punnet

For additional information on packaging dimensions, configurations and customised packaging offerings please contact a Halls sales representative.


Air Freight Mango


Today, there are more than a thousand different varieties of mango around the world. A great many of the commercial varieties grown today were bred in Florida at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The mango varietals that Halls sources for our retail programmes ​include:


Bred in Florida in 1922, the Tommy Atkins was soon chosen by growers for its productivity, robustness when handled and good resistance to anthracnose.​ The flesh has a deep orange colour and even though slightly fibrous, it is of good quality. Yellow, orange and bright red in colour, it is particularly favoured in northern Europe.


Bred in 1932 in Florida, the Kent bears comparatively large fruits, ranging from 440g
to more than 1kg on young trees. Much appreciated by both the upstream and downstream ends of the sector, yields are medium but with a high proportion of export fruit. Fruit colour is attractive and the tasty
flesh is firm and ripens very gradually.


Bred in 1939 in Florida, the Keitt has high, regular yields. The flesh appears orange to deep yellow and is rich in flavour with a melting texture. The reddish colour appears before the fruit is ripe and can lead to problems of early picking. It is nevertheless gaining importance as an end-of season variety, prolonging the export season.