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Halls believes that business has a responsibility to contribute to the social and economic upliftment of all South Africans and we have a long history of supporting the surrounding communities. We believe in establishing strong partnerships in order to make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to those in need.

The Halls Sakha Sive Trust, a registered non-profit organisation with SARS Section 18A status, is the formal vehicle that manages Halls' investments into a number of long-term initiatives. The Trust accepts ​third party funding and we encourage our grower partners, customers, suppliers and the general public to participate in our formal CSI programme by making a donation to the Trust. This will ultimately enable us to make a deeper impact for real change. Get in touch with us for more information.

Our CSI initiatives fall within three distinct focus areas: education, health and employee volunteerism. The primary beneficiaries are made up of the communities surrounding the Halls Mataffin Farm in South Africa.

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Umphakatsi - Halls
Woodhouse Community Creche
Boschrand Primary School

Halls co-funds Penreach's Umphakatsi project, an ECD initiative that reaches 320 children under six years of age. The Umphakatsi model includes a non-centre based approach which involves the provision of ECD services within the home. ​It also seeks to build the capacity of primary caregivers through ongoing training as well as home visits and the establishment of toy libraries to further support learning and development.

In addition to being beneficiaries of the Umphakatsi project, Woodhouse and Goodhope Community Crèches receive ongoing support from Halls. These centres, ​located close to Mataffin, care for children whose parents work fulltime, are unemployed or have passed on. The centres also have drop-in facilities where they feed older children after school, assist with schoolwork and provide ongoing emotional support to those in need.

Halls remains closely involved with John Mdluli Primary School and Cyril Clarke High School, both founded by Halls. Cyril Clarke was opened in 1979 and was the first black high school on private land in South Africa. Halls also has close ties to Boschrand Primary School in Phumulani where many of our staff's children are educated. Ongoing support of these institutions is ​determined by their needs.


1 Buhle Home Base Care vs 2

As part of an ongoing service to the local community, pensioners and staff dependents, Halls funds outsourced clinic services provided by OCSA (Occupational Care South Africa) for primary health care. This includes the services of a GP for five hours a week.

In partnership with Right to Care, Halls arranges monthly information sessions regarding HIV/AIDS for the Halls staff and surrounding communities. These include HIV education, counselling and testing. In addition, Right to Care is also involved with TB screening at Mataffin.

Halls supports a number of home based care centres in the community. Buhle Home Base Care performs a critical function in the Phumulani community, working with people living with HIV and TB, as well as with the orphans and elderly left alone as a result of these diseases.

Staff Volunteerism



Employees who volunteer regularly in their personal capacity qualify to be nominated for an award of R20, 000, donated to their charitable cause to support its endeavours. This award is presented quarterly and aims at encouraging volunteerism amongst all our permanent HL Hall and Sons employees.

Scouts South Africa is one of the recipients of the Lula Sandla Award, Nominated by Mr Craig Lewis, the Commercial Director of Halls South Africa, the Scouts were presented with the award based on the good work they do for the young boys and girls in the community of Mpumalanga.

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As part of Halls’ ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Investment, Mandela Day presents the Halls staff with an opportunity each year to further impact the local communities surrounding Mataffin.

The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. “Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”

Each year Halls identifies a number of projects to get involved in based on the needs of the communities. Each Halls staff member dedicates at least 67 minutes to activating these initiatives. Local businesses too join forces and support the Halls teams with relevant materials, supplies and services that are required. The Halls staff is eager to work together and partner with other local businesses, inspiring each other to build a better South Africa for all.

Santa Shoebox Projecg


Halls is the official Nelspruit co-ordinator and area drop-off centre for the national Santa Shoebox initiative. Over 600 children in the community, aged between one and 18 years, receive personalised shoeboxes filled with essentials such as clothing, educational supplies, toiletries, toys and sweets. A team of Halls staff collects and distributes boxes to many happy children in time for Christmas. We want to thank our grower partners, customers, employees and the public for their donations and support of this project.