The Halls RIPE range of avocado and mango has been developed in response to the growing demand for quality fruit that is ripe and ready to eat at the time of purchase.

With our own technologically-advanced ripening and packing facilities in Paris, Rotterdam and Marseille we are able to ripen fruit every day that will be available to our customers across Europe the following day – perfectly ripe and beautifully packaged with the Halls mark of quality.

The Halls RIPE range is currently available in 4kg loose, 1, 2 or 3 pack punnets, packaged in a striking design to achieve instant impact on trade stands and on the shelf. Each fruit is individually branded, communicating directly to the consumer that it is ready to eat.

Ripening fruit is by no means a simple task, but at Halls we understand the importance of the ripened concept of “buy with your eyes and return with your taste buds”. Avocado and mango fruits mature on the tree but naturally only begin to ripen once picked from the branch. Our harvesting and logistics expertise ensures that the fruit is picked and shipped at the optimal time, when it is ready to begin the ripening process. Careful handling and monitoring by our ripening specialists and technologists is carried out during the period it takes for mature fruit to soften and develop. This ensures even ripening and a delicious and enjoyable eating experience that will want to be savoured and repeated. 

As sub-tropical fruit specialists and the first to develop the ripeness testing technology used worldwide today, it is only fitting that Halls should continue to provide the market with this premium offering. 

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